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  What do Solutions Health Coaching customers say?

Lorri Brunacini Jones

Aron Henley saved my life.... and the lives of many!!


It was the day I met Aron, that everything in my health world turned to light; I had finally discovered the answers in which I had been in desperate search of for many years. Aron looks at wellness from a multitude of facets and according to specific, individualized needs. Aron is persistent in finding solutions to difficult health concerns. Aron understands how each system in the body is intricate, complex and connected, thus spends time to look at many different angles.


When I met Aron one year ago, I was struggling with adrenal, thyroid and hormonal issues. Since then, my health had taken a drastic turn for the better, and continues to improve; Aron has shown me so much information empowering me to find my own health solutions.


Aside from Aron’s brilliant wealth of knowledge, he is caring and gentle in his approach and delivery. Not only does Aron demonstrate vast knowledge, he cares deeply and authentically and treats every client as if they are family!

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