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Health coaching, consultation service. 

I offer a health coaching consultation service to look at a person's diet, living and work environment, history, current protocols and guidance with improving health and safe heavy metal detox and any testing you would like me to look at. You will be sent an extensive questionnaire before our consultation so I can give you more possible ideas to look into and consider. Consultations also go into important principles to understand so a person has clear direction going forward with their health and why they may be struggling.

I am not a doctor and all information I provide should be viewed as research and educational purposes only. 

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Hair testing is a powerful tool to look at how a person's metabolism may be working once you have a good understanding of them. Like all tests, use them as a guide, symptoms are everything. Your hair test should match up to your symptoms and other testing to piece together what may be going on with a person's health. 
Hair tests can give indications on the things listed below if the person understands how to interpret the hair test.

Heavy metal toxicity.
Thyroid and adrenal rates.
Autonomic nervous system activity.
Adrenal function.
Blood sugar regulation.
Pancreas, insulin regulation.
Mineral toxicities.
Mineral deficiencies.
Tissue calcification.
Parathyroid issues.

Protein synthesis.

Be aware, pubic hair is not useable for deranged mineral transport, minerals or ratios as the labs don’t have enough data on them, only use head hair. Pubic hair can be used to show excretion of metals. Pubic hair grows at a much slower rate than head hair.

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