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    At 43 years of age I was diagnosed with Seronegative Spondylitis, crippling arthritis , fatigue, weight loss and so many more health issues.

    I had been to 26 Doctors and Specialists, Naturopaths, I had spent a tonne of money to be made worse and have no answers.

    I worked out through a hair test that I had Mercury Poisoning and when I tried to find someone who understood heavy metals I couldn't.

    My health journey has lead me down a path so profound and, after sharing what i learnt with other people many have seen similar results. Many off those niggling health problems you associate with getting old are actually from toxicity.  

    Having already spent a lot of time learning about health and diet, I found answers from the Independent Biochemists and I have been able to gain an in-depth knowledge of biochemistry, metabolism and health to come up with non toxic solutions to regain my health.

    My background is Electrical Electronic Engineering, which has taught me to make or fix something you need to understand how it works and the body is same -  if you don't understand how it works, you cant fix it. 

    I didn't want to treat symptoms, I wanted solutions to what I was going through, not drugs to treat symptoms, which was all healthcare had to offer me.

    I spent countless hours learning, understanding Hair Testing, Hormone Balance including Thyroid, Adrenals, Sex Hormones and how inflammation influences them. This is very poorly understood by conventional healthcare -  to get true healing you need to get to the bottom of why you may have underlying inflammation!

    Understanding factors that affect metabolism, including Methylation/Sulfuration pathways, Minerals, Vitamins, Electrolytes, Essential Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Hydration, Circulation, Antioxidant defenses/Redox buffering, Blood Sugar regulation/Insulin resistance, Liver/Kidney function, Lymphatics, optimization of diet, sleep, exercise and more, it became a passion to keep learning.

    These are the symptoms that most effected me and what I was able to reverse.

    Arthritis in toes, feet, knees, lower back spine, shoulder blades elbows, hands, fingers.

    The damage in my spine would have been consistent with early ALS - luckily I figured it out early enough without losing motor control, although I did suffer from some weakness in my arms at times.

    Life long Asthma/Allergies

    Teeth grinding

    Hearing problems, Tinnitus, Echoing 

    Poor Balance

    Poor Eyesight/blurry vision

    Aching shoulders when standing

    Swollen Lymph nodes


    Incontinence, poor bladder control

    Dizziness upon standing

    Adrenal fatigue

    Low thyroid

    Low testosterone/high estrogens

    Severe food intolerances 

    Plantar Fasciitis

    Tennis Elbows 

    Constantly pulling muscles

    Stiff neck

    Liver pain (High Bilirubin which is now in the normal range)

    High IGE which is also now normal

    Dry skin 

    Leaky gut

    Weight loss

    Muscle cramps 

    Receding bleeding sore gums 

    Tingling and numbness

    Internal vibrations


    Poor Libido

    Constant sinus infections

    Constant viral infections

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