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Medical Disclaimer: All information, services, etc. provided to you by Solutions Health Coaching have not been evaluated by the FDA, your Medical Establishment, your local or national Government Authority and are for informational, educational or research purposes only and do not constitute medical, legal, instructional, consumable or any form of medical advice. They are not legally meant for your personal use and consumption in accordance with the laws of your country. They are specified without representations or warranties, expressed or implied, and they do not imply or constitute medical diagnoses, medical advice, medical or health treatment, healing, prevention or curing any kind of disease, illness or health condition and should not be misconstrued or misinterpreted for any such use. Any information or statements communicated to you, whether in consultation, oral, written or electronic, is for informational, educational or research purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, is not instructional in any way, is not a substitute for a Licensed Medical Doctor and their Legal Government approved medical advice and procedures, is not meant for your usage and consumption, and it's at your sole discretion, choice and risk should you choose to act upon it. Aron Henley is not a Medical Doctor and most importantly, I am not your Doctor. If you have any health or medical issue or if you wish for a diagnosis, medical advice, treatment or healing, please seek it from someone legally licensed to provide it to you: a Medical Doctor, a state licensed health practitioner or other lawful avenues. You must consult with your Medical Doctor or Medical Government Authority before trying to interpret or take action on any information provided to you via my services, and consultations. You must not rely on any information received from me as an alternative to advice from a licensed Medical Doctor as it may be illegal for you to do so in your country. If you choose to take action on any information received from Solutions Health Coaching, you agree that you are not doing so by coercion or force but are specifically doing so by your own personal accord, choice, responsibility, volition, free-will, research, knowledge, reasoning, rationale, understanding, consultation with Medical Doctors, informed decision and risk. It's your body and your choice to do as you wish as long as the laws of your country permit you to do so. Solutions Health Coaching conforms to International Laws, do not and will not interfere with or disregard the laws of your country and will not be held liable for any misinterpretation, misunderstanding, taking my services out of context, use or misuse of any information provided to you via my services, and will not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred, or personal injury alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by choosing to embark on any service or information provided to you by Solutions Health Coaching You are strongly advised to investigate and educate yourself and review with a legal Medical Doctor and get their approval on any information or advice you receive from absolutely anyone and everyone before you choose to act upon it. You are an informed adult that is responsible for your actions, you clearly understand our Terms & Conditions, you clearly understand the laws of your country, and you clearly understand your rights and choices; there are no excuses.

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